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10 lbs Sablefish


10 lbs Sablefish


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Characteristics of the Fish

  • Rich Luscious Flavor
  • Ivory meat with juicy finish
  • Supple and silky texture
  • Semi-boneless portion fillet

Details of Harvest and Seasonality

Harvest Area: Southeast Alaska or Gulf of Alaska
Gear Type: Conventional Longline/Pot Harvest
Primary Fishery Management: Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game , NMFS, and NOAA
Harvest Season: March through November

Suggested Cooking & Holding

Sablefish can be eaten raw in recipes including sushi and sashimi when properly handled and thawed using Otolith’s Quick Thaw technique.


  • 400 degrees, indirect flame, uncovered for 20-25 until opaque throughout. Not necessary to flip while cooking.
  • Remove fillet from the heat and allow it to rest for 4 minutes before serving.


  • 400 uncovered with a braising liquid about half way up the side of the fillet for 30-35 minutes until opaque throughout.

Pan Sear:

  • In a hot lightly oiled skillet, place fillet flesh side down until it flips easily [about 7 min] then cook fillet skin-side down for 10 minutes per 1/2 inch thickness until skin is crispy, add liquid and cook covered for additional 4-7 minutes depending on thickness until fillet is opaque throughout and meat lifts easily from the skin.
  • Total cooking time should be no longer than 20 minutes per half inch of thickness for a thawed fillet.

Amanda’s Serving Suggestions

  • Sablefish is an excellent in sushi and other rawfish recipes.
  • It adds flavor to any sushi or sashimi recipe and tastes good when combined with other fresh fish flavors in the dragon roll and rainbow rolls. Sablefish can be used to make ceviche.
  • For a hearty and rustic treat, cook sablefish in a stew. Always remove all bones before stewing sablefish as the portions ay not retain their shape unless gently cooked slowly.
  • Sablefish is the best wild fish fillet for marinades,  Its mild and takes on many flavors and its rich and luscious enough to stay moist while marinating in salty and acidic seasons.
  • Sablefish rarely requires additional oil or fat while cooking. Unless needed to sear sablefish in a hot skillet or grill, don’t add additional fats to tasty juicy sablefish.
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