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15 lbs. Coho Salmon Share


15 lbs. Coho Salmon Share


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Characteristics of the Fish

  • Scrumptious subtle savory flavor
  • Pink-orange to red-orange color
  • Firm flakey texture

Details of Harvest and Seasonality

Harvest Area: Southeast Alaska
Gear Type: Gillnet and Power Troll
Primary Fishery Management: Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
Harvest Season: June through October

Suggested Cooking & Holding


  • 325 F degrees indirect flame, skin-side down, covered for 10 min per inch thickness.
  • Remove fillet from the heat and allow it to rest for 4 minutes before serving.
  • Coho fillet may be cooked skin side up and it will lift easily when its ready to flip approximately 3 minutes.  If it sticks then wait another minute or two and try again gently.  Cook skin side down for remaining cooking time.  Avoid cooking coho for more than total 10 minutes per inch of thickness.


  • 325 F degrees uncovered, skin-side down for 10 minutes per inch thickness
  • optional suggestion: cover coho portion fillet with sauted vegetables then bake as directed above. Use a minimum of three different vegetables sauteed to al dente doneness before baking with the coho fillet.

Pan Sear:

  • In a hot 325-350F degree lightly oiled skillet, sear the flesh side for 5 minutes until flesh lifts easily and then flip once.
  • Cook on skin-side down covered for an additional 5 minutes more or less depending on the fillet’s thickness.
  • Total cooking time should be no longer than 10 minutes per inch of thickness for thawed fillet.
  • Remove fillet from the heat and allow it to rest for 4 minutes before serving.

Amanda’s Serving Suggestions

  • Coho salmon is an excellent weekly dinner staple. It is delicious and easy to prepare.  Coho tastes wonderful served with brown or wild rice, provides a beautiful contrast alongside any green seasonal vegetable, and contains essential nutrients many Americans don’t get enough.
  • Coho salmon is a wonderful alternative to King salmon when making your own sushi. Its rich mild fatty flavor goes well with almost any other sushi ingredients and it adds a bright orange color to any sushi palette.
  • Cooked coho can be used to make delicious salmon cakes or can add flavor and nutrition to your favorite salad.
  • Recipe Suggestion: In a small saute pan add grated onion, garlic, butter and cook for 5 minutes.  Then add 2 Tbs of fresh lemon juice, 2 Tbs soy sauce and 1 tsp of brown sugar and cook for two minutes longer.  Pour the cooked sauce over your thawed coho portions and bake in the oven according to the directions above. Serve with rice and a side of sauteed greens in garlic and oil.
  • Tip – you can saute your greens in the same skillet or pan used to make the sauce.
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