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Canned Sockeye Salmon


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24 cans [7.5 oz each]

Characteristics of Canned Sockeye Salmon

  • Tastes like fresh cooked sockeye salmon
  • No water or oil added means great flavor not boiled fish taste
  • Pressure cooked assures juicy sockeye never over cooked fish
  • BPA Free cans
  • Made from highest quality Alaskan sockeye
  • Each can provides a cross section of a whole headed and gutted sockeye not smashed bits and broken pieces of fish. Bones and skin remove easily if desired.
  • Contains digestible bones that have been rendered soft and delicious by way of pressure cooked perfection providing a valuable source of  easily absorbed calcium when combined with sockeye and its natural juices

Details of Harvest and Seasonality

Harvest Area: Southeast Alaska
Gear Type: Gillnet
Primary Fishery Management: Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
Harvest Season: July through September

Suggested Serving & Holding

It is not necessary to discard skin, bones or fish juices before serving unless your recipe calls for lump canned sockeye.

Spreads and Dips:

  • Smashing it all up! This is for those of us who have come to know and love the calcium benefit and great taste of pressure cooked canned sockeye.  Smash thoroughly until mixed well the entire contents of one can of Otolith’s canned sockeye salmon. This mixture may be added to any number of healthy emulsifiers such as creamy cheeses, mayonnaise, or cheese spreads such as “cream cheese”.
  • Alternately, reserve the juice, and remove the salmon skin and largest bones found through the center of the canned sockeye portion before mixing thoroughly into your favorite dip or spread recipe.  Add juice back to mixture and combine well. This mixture may be added to any number of healthy emulsifiers such as creamy cheeses and mayonnaise, or combined with cheese spreads such as “cream cheese”.
  • Recommendation: Each time you prepare and eat Otolith’s canned sockeye salmon, using your fingers, smash a small salmon bone and familiarize your self with its texture and consistency.  These bones contain valuable and absorbable calcium that is essential to our body’s bone health and wellness. Leave as many of these soft and nutritious bones in your canned sockeye salmon dip and spreads as you are comfortably willing to tolerate.  Challenge yourself each time to remove fewer pressure cooked bones and enjoy more benefits!

Salmon Cakes:

  • Ingredients: (1) 7.5 oz canned sockeye salmon, 3 Tbs high heat oil for frying, 1 egg, 3 Tbs bread crumbs – divided, 1/2 small onion – minced, 1 celery stalk – minced, red pepper – minced, 1 Tbs fresh parsely or other herb – chopped and and ground pepper to taste.
  • Combine all ingredients except oil, including the juice of your canned sockeye salmon.  Divide mixture into 4 equal parts and shape them into patties.  Press each patty lightly into bread crumbs to barely coat.
  • Heat lightly oiled skillet to the smoke point then cook all four patties in hot skillet with oil until browned on both sides, approximately 7 minutes on each side.  Cover while cooking to avoid spatter and maximize the effectiveness of the heat.
  • Serve 1-2 patties per person.

Amanda’s Serving Suggestions

This section is under construction.  Thank you for your interest in Community Supported Seafood!


  • Bring water to a boil and season as desired before steaming frozen spot prawns. Cover and steam for up to 25 minutes.
  • A plate over an inverted bowl may be used in place of a steamer rack to prevent boiling spot prawns. CAUTION! Do not touch hot plate, bowl or steamer rack. Use tongs while handling spot prawns.
  • Spot Prawns are fully cooked about 5 minutes after the tails curl. Stir prawns to assure even doneness.
  • Approximate cooking time is 18 minutes for frozen spot prawns.  Once the frozen spot prawns have been added to the pot, begin timer after the hot water returns to a boil. Allow 5-7 minutes for hot water to return to a boil.


  • 300 degrees for skewered spot prawn tails.
  • Baste spot prawn tails with oil and season as desired
  • Peeled spot prawns tails – grill for 6-7 minutes turning once.
  • Shells on spot prawns tails – grill 10-18 minutes turning as needed.
  • Spot Prawns are fully cooked about 5 minutes after the tails curl. Turn skewered prawns to assure even doneness.


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Add light oil and season as desired
  • Peeled spot prawn tails – cook for 12 minutes per inch of thickness.
  • Shell on spot prawn tails – cook for 20 minutes per inch of thickness.

Pan Sear:

  • Heat lightly oiled skillet to the smoke point then place peeled spot prawn tails in hot skillet to cook for approximately 8-10 minutes.
  • Gently stir spot prawns tails only occassionally to assure even doneness.


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